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MortgageRight Mandate

man·date – /ˈmanˌdāt/
noun an official order or commission to do something

How Does It Work?

Submit your approved application along with the requested paperwork and an executed purchase contract and the clock starts ticking. We’ll close your purchase loan in as little as 15 business days or pay you $1,000.

The MortgageRight Mandate Features


Peace of Mind

A lot goes into the mortgage process, and you shouldn't have to worry about meeting your closing date deadline. The MortgageRight Mandate allows you to relax during the process knowing that you will close on time, and, in the unlikely circumstance that we don't, we pay you $1,000.


We're able to offer The MortgageRight Mandate because we do all of our loan processing and underwriting in-house. Unlike other mortgage companies, we do not send off our loans to be processed or underwritten by third parties, therefore we have total control of the process without having to wait on others to take action.



Getting a home loan through MortgageRight means you'll have a Loan Officer by your side providing updates on your loan status from the moment we receive your application until you have the keys in your hand. They will be there to answer any questions you have during the process.



We believe in doing what we say and holding ourselves accountable if we don't. That's why we'll pay you $1,000 if we don't close your purchase loan in 15 business days or less.


Why Offer The Mandate?

This program highlights our commitment to customer service in an industry where our competitors take close to 45 days to close a purchase loan. When you’re buying a home, the stress of meeting your closing date shouldn’t be a concern. At MortgageRight, closing your purchase on time in as little as 15 business days is our standard

Who's Eligible for The Mandate?

To be eligible, all you have to do is be a qualified borrower and submit your approved application along with the requested paperwork and an executed purchase contract

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