Camie Funk

I have been a Birmingham, Alabama resident for most of my life and have spent several years in Tennessee. I’ve traveled nationally and internationally throughout the years and have become especially familiar with the states I am licensed in (AL, TN, FL & GA).

I love all things gardening, nature, colorful, traveling, and holistic healing. I’m blessed to be the mom of my wonderful 7-year-old son and two fur-babies. Parenting has shown me the value of patience and thinking on my feet, which are just two of the many qualities I’ve carried into my work.

I came into the mortgage industry as a receptionist and soon moved to mortgage loan processing. There I spent 5 years diversifying my knowledge base and preparing to offer borrowers a well-rounded experience. My time as a processor has proven to be a great help in my current position as a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Exceeding expectations is my end goal when working with each of my customers. I serve them with compassion, integrity, and dedication. Going above and beyond to help them achieve financial success is my aim. Regardless of the situation or circumstance, I’ll never leave anyone behind. I will stick with my customers as long as it takes to help them reach their homeownership goals and evaluate each of their individual needs to develop a plan to guide them throughout the process.

My customers come to know me as “very attentive, responsive, and compassionate,” and I thrive on helping their dreams of homeownership become a reality. 

Loan Officer
NMLS # 2148509

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